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To belong, all you need is the desire to challenge your body and change your life. Become a OM Factory member, choose a membership option that works for you. Every yoga class is your chance to become your most powerful self. Please leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as we can. Or you can call us directly any time between 9AM to 5PM.


Starting from 200.000 VND per Class.


As low as 1.082.000 VND per Month.


As low as 150.000 VND per Class.


As low as 300.000 VND per Class.

From 250,000 per class

Single Drop-in

Purchasing single classes is the best option if you intend to drop-in pretty infrequently, as and when you can, usually because you live out of town, or are one of our many international visitors on holiday or business, seeking to maintain your yoga practice while away from home.

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As low as 150,000 VND per class

Class Pack

Taking your first step to cultivate a habit on the mat — good on you!

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As low as 1,082,000 VND per month

Unlimited Classes

Our unlimited class special lets you try as many classes as you want over selected period of time, to kick-start your yoga practice and find out what Yoga is about. Yoga is better when practiced on a regular basis. Take advantage of this great opportunity to sample all of the classes on our schedule and enjoy all of the the benefits of a consistent yoga practice!

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From 300,000 VND per class

Skybox Aerial Circus

Sky Box is an aerial program designed to be an accessible pathway into the exciting world of aerial arts. Whether you are an adventurous soul looking for an interesting way to work out, a dancer or yogi seeking some exciting cross-training, or are eager to become a professional aerialist, Sky Box is a great place for you to get started.

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